Our Staff

Rachel- Office Manager

Rachel has worked in the healthcare setting for more than 15 years. One of the greatest feelings is getting to help people during what might be one of their toughest times. She has a husband and 3 kids that keep them on the go. You can usually find them at the baseball/softball fields or at the basketball court, as either a fan in the stands or a coach on the field. They also try to attend as many Brewer games as their busy schedule allows each year.

  Katie- Clinic Coordinator

Katie came from a medical background and really enjoys working with and helping patients. In her spare time Katie enjoys running and shopping. She also loves spending time with her husband and dog ‘Brady’.

  Angie- Assistant Office Manager

Angie started her career as a Surgical Technologist she worked in a lot of different specialties including Oral Surgery. She enjoys working in the dental field and loves interacting with patients. Angie has 2 children, a daughter who is three and a son who is one. She loves spending time with her husband and children camping and enjoying the outdoors.

   Tina- Insurance Coordinator

Tina attended Marquette University and has worked as a hygienist for several years. Tina says that the hygienist she had as a child inspired her to pursue a dental career. In her spare time Tina loves to read. She also enjoys gardening and crocheting.

 Jordyn- Patient Coordinator

Jordyn has always been interested in the dental field and loves learning something new everyday. She is a huge Wisconsin Badger and Brewers fan and attends a lot of the games with her significant other James. Jordyn loves hanging out with her two cats Brie and Colby and also playing with her new puppy Farley. Jordyn also enjoys cooking and is always trying new foods and recipes.

Lori- Patient Coordinator

Lori came from 15 years of experience in the Chiropractic field and she recently moved to the area. Lori loves the patient and wellness atmosphere in both dental and chiropractic and that is what lead her to start a career in Dental. Lori enjoys getting to know the patients and putting a smile on their face. In her free time Lori loves camping and the outdoors. She loves spending time with her 2 sons and their family. Lori is an avid outdoor enthusiast and tries to be outside enjoying nature throughout the year from ice fishing to kayaking!

  Hannah- Dental Hygienist

Hannah truly loves people and getting to know them while creating a long lasting relationship with them. She loves helping with their health and maintaining their smile is an added bonus. Hannah really enjoys traveling and leaving the cold for warmth. Hannah loves spending time with her family, this usually means she is a fan in the stands for her 2 very busy kids with softball, baseball, gymnastics and soccer.

  Kris- Dental Hygienist, RDH

Kris would have to say that her Orthodontist she had as a child started her interested in the dental field. Kris has really enjoyed her career as a dental hygienist and feels very blessed to have had such a wonderful career for the last 36 years. In her free time, Kris enjoys taking rides on her Harley, golfing and traveling. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends.

 Kelse- Dental Hygienist, RDH

Kelse had several cavities as a child and needed to have baby teeth removed. She was also in braces for 5 years. Kelse felt she could help patients because of all of her experience she had as a patient herself. Kelse enjoys spending time with her children. Kelse’s oldest child plays hockey and her youngest is in dance. In her free time Kelse loves gardening and her favorite plants are succulents. I also enjoy cooking and socializing with friends.


Kelly- Dental Assistant

Kelly found an interest in dental in her youth. She was always curious while having procedures done on herself. In her free time Kelly enjoys camping and quilting. She also spends a lot of time at sporting events for her children. Her son plays football, baseball and he also wrestles. Kelly’s daughter plays Volley ball, soft ball and is involved in gymnastics. Kelly loves spending time with her family.

 Karen- Dental Assistant

Karen found dental very interesting and after having a job shadow with her childhood dentist she decided to join the dental assistant program at WTC. Karen and her husband have their hands full with a five year old son and a three year old daughter. Karen enjoys cooking and reading. She also loves when she has the chance to get out to the golf coarse.

 Alicia- Dental Assistant

Alicia has always had an interest in the dental field and enjoyed dental visits even as a child. She remembers wanting to dress up for her dental appointments when she was young because she was so excited to go. Outside of work Alicia enjoys spending time with her family. Her husband and three daughters love to be outside as much as possible. In the summer they love to hike and go to the beach. In the winter, Alicia really enjoys snowboarding and has been teaching this to her young daughters also.

 Ashley- Dental Assistant

Ashley always enjoyed going to the dentist as a child. She had a great experience going through orthodontic treatment in middle school. Ashley enjoys cooking, baking and spending time with her animals and family. Ashley has dogs, chickens, and horses. Ashley and her husband fill their free time caring for their animals and competing with the horses in rodeo events. Any day spent outside is a good day!

 Molly- Dental Assistant

Molly had braces in middle school and found the entire process very interesting and that has inspired her to pursue a career in the dental field. Molly and her husband love to spend their time outdoors as much as possible. Molly enjoys spending time with her two dogs ‘Brutus’ and ‘Callie’. Molly loves to go hiking, swimming, fishing and canoeing. Molly also enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.

 Katie- Dental Assistant

Katie had braces for four years and enjoyed going to the dentist. After working in the field for a year she decided to go to WTC for assisting school. Katie loves taking her dog ‘Finley’ for walks and playing fetch with her. Katie is a dedicated Brewers and Packers fan and loves going to games. Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys camping and weekend getaways with her significant other Carter. Katie loves to grill and visiting antique stores when she has free time. 



Emily- Dental Assistant

After years of orthodontic treatment she had a new confident smile. Through out her ortho path she developed an interest in the dental field and the desire to give patients their own new confident smile. Emily attended Chippewa Valley Technical College for dental assisting and now is continuing her education to become a dental hygienist. Emily loves taking her dog Cooper for walks. She enjoys camping and hanging out with her friends and family. Emily likes going to Brewer games and concerts as well.